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Trailgate BBQ

Pick up to 3 Meats

All Meat Jumbo Hot Dog served on a bun

(For an additional cost per person choose one or both items below)

Charbroiled Hamburgers simmered in Kenrick's Famous BBQ Sauce
or in beef au jus served on a bun

Kenrick's Grilled Bratwurst simmered in Kenrick's Famous BBQ Sauce
or simmered in beer on a bed of sauerkraut served on a bun

Choose Three Accompaniments

Individual Sized Potato Chips
Nacho Chips with Cheese and Jalapenos (on side)
Baked Salted Pretzels
Buttered Popcorn
Shell-on Peanuts


Mustard, Ketchup & Pickle Relish Condiments
Sauerkraut and Chopped Onions (if applicable)
Sliced Tomatoes, Onions & Dill Pickle Garnishments
Food Boats, Utensils and Napkins

Please call for pricing.

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